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There are quite a few people on YouTube I follow, and thought it would be cool to share some of the best YouTube channels. The YouTube dip/snus community is growing, so check out some of the channels below if you want to learn about snus by video format.

[ on YouTube]
Our home on YouTube. Most of the videos we have put on YouTube are informational videos, which the YouTube community didn't have much of. In 2011, we started doing reviews!

[DoomiteAsh on YouTube]
DoomiteAsh is a long time friend of mine and I love his videos and reviews. I encourage anyone new to snus (especially dippers curious about snus) to check out his videos.

[CNashX on YouTube]
I've known Nash for a while, and aside from running, he also has a great YouTube channel covering snus and e-cigarettes.

[Snusify on YouTube]
Snusify has been around about as long as Snubie has, we both went public about the same time in 2009 and I've always respected his videos and think very highly of Tim. Great stuff, and killer editing. He also has a website at He isn't active anymore, but some of his older videos are still relevant.

[SnusCENTRAL on YouTube]
The YouTube page for the website. I've known Larry since I started snusing, and this channel covers everything from reviews to news and much more!