There are many different snus websites online. I use a few different ones. Each one is good for different reasons, and alot of times you'll find yourself doing the same. I've listed the main ones that I stick with, and I suggest anyone new to snus use these as well. In the end, you will find which way of ordering and which stores work best for you.

NOTE: My opinions on these stores are based on my experience and the items I order. Your experiences may be different. These are just my opinions on these stores, and what I've heard about these stores from fellow snus users as well.

Web Stores (US & International)

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SnusCentral is a great store for those new to snus or placing large orders. They provide great monthly specials and shipping discounts as well. They also have some of the lowest prices around. Of all the e-stores online, this is the one I personally have used the most due to their consistency and well rounded experience.

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Based in Sweden, has a very large selection. Great customer service and extremely fast shipping! is one of the oldest webstores online, selling a variety of snus, nasal snuff, pipe tobacco, cigars, accessories as well as Swedish Candy. They also have a huge selection when it comes to Swedish Snus. The US selection is rather small due to their strict compliance with the FDA, however.

Buy Locally

Buy General Snus Locally

General Snus

General Snus - one of Sweden's most popular brands, is growing in the US. They've brought two new brands, General Classic Blend & General Nordic Mint to the US as well as their classic General brands available in specialty tobacco shops. Check out the Store Locator at to find General Snus near you!

Buy Thunder/Offroad/Jakobsson's/Northerner Snus Locally

Phillips & King International

Since PACT Act went into effect, Rick Charles of Phillips & King International has been working to get more brands into stores in the US. Currently - Phillips & King sells Thunder, Offroad, Jakobsson's and Northerner brands in the US. The website has a list - but if you can't find your local store there, or would like to see snus in your local store - email Rick Charles at

EU Snus Stores ships a variety of GN Tobacco & Gajane snus products including Oden's Snus and Olde Ving. ships a variety of snus from Israel including Jakobsson's, Knox, Oden's, Offroad, Olde Ving, Phantom, Thunder, Smalands and Skruf.