To go directly to's Snus Reviews and Information click here to go to My blog site is one of the main reasons I started this website. I wanted to review snus and help others along the way. Coming into Swedish Snus can be confusing at times, but I wanted to bring reviews and information to the snus community in the most simple way possible. It's why I use the phrase "Snus Reviews for the Average Joe. No BS. Just Snus."

Snus Portioning Tools
Icetool (Added 1 September 09.) [Usage Video] [Cleaning/Lubricating Video]
Prismaster (Added 1 September 09.)
An evening with Icetool. Everything you should know. Sizes, How to use, Cleaning, Oiling, everything! (Added 12 Nov 09.)
SnusBuster (Added 25 Jan 14.) [Video Review]
PROpris (Added 16 Apr 14.) [Video Review]
Mortar Snus Syringe (Added 24 July 14.)
Aluminum Icetool (Added 16 Sep 14.)
PROpris Mini (Added 6 Mar. 15.)
PROpris Classy (Added 6 Mar. 15.)

Snus Accessory Cans
Bullet-Proof Snus Can? You betcha. (Added 21 December 09.)
Bullet Proof Snus Can has arrived! Initial impressions. (Added 29 December 09.)
Icetool Slim Snus Box (Added 16 Feb 11.)
New Icetool Lid Can (Added 6 Apr 11.) [Video Review]
Thunder Waterproof Can (Added 17 July 14.) [Video Review]
Thunder Waterproof Can (Added 30 July 14.)
Icetool "The Can" (Full Size) (Added 16 Sep 14.)
Icetool "The Can" (Slim Size)  (Added 16 Sep 14.)
Icetool Slim Can (Leatherface Edition) (Added 23 Feb 16.)
Divided/Compartmented Can (Added 20 Oct 17.)

Misc Snus Swag
Snus Goodies! Goteborg's Rape Speaker, iPod/iPhone covers, General Beanies...for the snus lover who has it all! (Added 29 December 09.)
New swag from Swedish Match! (Added 13 May 10.)
Goteborg's Rape Headphones (Added 7 Jun 10.)
Mud Jug for snus! (Added 14 Feb 11.) [Video Review]
Snus Pillow (Added 3 Mar 14.)
Islay Whisky Snus Hat (Added 17 July 14.)
Mud Jug For Snus - At Home (Added 13 Dec 14.)
Mud Jug For Snus - On The Road (Added 13 Dec 14.)

Snus Storage
Hands On Review of the FridgeMate! (Added 6 April 10.)
Retrofit your own snus fridge (Added 7 Feb 11.)

Make Your Own Snus & DIY Snus
Prillan Snus Bags (Added 3 July 14.)