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"It has long been known that while no nicotine product is completely harmless, harm reduction products pose only about 1% the risk from smoking and this difference is so great that for the average smoker, using a smokeless product for the rest of his life poses about the same risk as 30 days of continuing to smoke."
Prof. Carl V. Phillips, published in Harm Reduction Journal.

"There is no scientific basis for denying the benefits of tobacco harm reduction and it is time that we offer smokers honest public health interventions rather than the moralizing and deadly 'abstinence-only' approach."
Peter Lee, published in a BioMed Central journal.

"We think it would be good public health policy to encourage inveterate smokers to adopt less harmful ways of using nicotine,"
Coral Gartner and Wayne Hall, Expert Researches//Australia

Above are some of my favorite quotes favoring snus as a "reduced harm tobacco" form. You can find more of these articles here, along with the articles these quotes came from and links to read the rest of them, It's astounding to me how many people, including DOCTORS, stand up for snus as not only a reduced harm form of tobacco, but also a way for smokers to kick the cancer sticks, and move forward into a much healthier life. Is it possible to quit smoking with snus? Of course, I did it, and I know MANY others who have done the same thing.

If you're new to snus, and want to know a little more about it, check out our FAQ over at, and read up about it. Snus FAQ located here. Lars Erik Rutqvist, MD, PhD supplied alot of answers to commonly asked questions, and some facts about snus as a harm reduced form of tobacco. He remarked, "....during my time as a researcher at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, I was one of the initiators of a large-scale epidemiological study of the risk of oral cancer associated with snus. We found no increased risk among snus users (who on average had used snus for about 20 years). Later on, other Swedish studies confirmed our results which prompted the European Union to order a removal of the cancer warning from the snus cans. My research group at the Karolinska also noted that, based on extensive epidemiological research, many prestigious institutions, for instance, the Royal College of Physicians in London, concluded that using smokefree tobacco in general, and Swedish snus in particular, is associated with substantially lowered risks of tobacco-related disease compared to cigarette smoking."

If you're a smoker, and trying to quit, I'm sure you've tried most of the options out there. I know I did! The patch, gum, cold turkey, the "miracle" drug Chantix, none of it worked for me. But somehow, switching to snus killed my desire for smoking, and I've been smoke-free ever since! The benefits speak for themself. My health is vastly improved. My outlook on life is much improved. That horrible smell on my clothes, in my car, and in my house is gone. I have drastically improved my lifestyle, just by switching to snus. And this isn't just my story, it's the common story of others! Read the forums, look on the internet, so many stories of people switching to snus, and the positive benefits it has had on their life.

My best advice is to give it a try. In the beginning, when I first tried snus, I wasn't expecting to quit, at most I was expecting a way to lose my cravings for cigarettes so much so I could be more productive at work. Well, that happened. And gradually, snus began to take over more and more until I did not need to be chained to the smokers area for hours every day, killing myself. I became smoke free. And it was that easy. Not with American "snus", but Swedish Snus. Keep in mind, American snusmakers won't disclose what goes into theirs, but Swedish Snus is mandated as a food product by the FDA in Sweden, so you can be assured that it is manufactured with the utmost sense of health and food safety. Lars Erik Rutqvist remarked, "Swedish snus is manufactured according to traditional methods although the quality standard developed by Swedish Match ("GothiaTek") is relatively recent. None of the American manufacturers have, to my knowledge, disclosed details of their production techniques." If you're coming into snus as a new user, DO NOT jump into the American product that was released here as an "innovative, new item", but I suggest strongly to try Swedish Snus. The varieties are endless, the safe production measures speak for themselves, and the state of public health in Sweden is an example of what harm reduced tobacco CAN accomplish! If you're transitioning from American "snus" to Swedish Snus, here's some helpful advice.

1. Keep an open mind. Swedish Snus is much different than the stuff they sell here. It's going to taste different, but your taste will adapt. You will notice a fresher taste, and that's due to the standards that are set forth in the production methods.

2. Try everything. Good thing, snus is cheap! And the types are endless. I suggest trying a new snus with every order. It's a great way to develop a taste that is uniquely yours.

3. Remember, your tastes will change. Over time, you will come to love some you may not have when you started. Some you use all the time you may burn out on, and switch to others. But the longer you use it, the more able you will be to develop a taste that is uniquely yours.

4. If you're BRAND new to Swedish Snus, don't smell it immediately. It's not going to smell overly sweet like the American stuff, but that's a good thing. You will come to love the smell, but at first, it can be a bit unique. My best advice, open a can, and just pop a portion in. Your nose will gradually adjust to the aroma, and you will come to adore it.

5. Don't run out. As of this writing, snus is mainly imported from overseas, so at most it can take a week or so to get it here. "Stock it cheap, stock it deep!" If you have one you like, order more than 1 can per order, be smart about it, and keep a stock going so that you don't run out and have to do alot of orders, save yourself on the shipping!

6. Join a snus forum. There are a few out there that I use, it's a great way to get involved with other snus users, and ask questions and learn about snus, as well as varieties you may not have tried yet, or to get advice from others about snus.

You can check out some snus reviews and view some places to buy snus and take that great leap into a better world. As I said before, I did it myself, and I'm not looking back! Good luck, and welcome to a new, and brighter world.

I've been wanting to work on this for a while and have finally completed the first 2 videos in our "Quit Smoking With Snus" video series! They contain a lot of helpful hints and advice for those new to snus who are considering quitting smoking with snus. I hope you find them informative!