In 2009, I started blogging and writing about snus. In the beginning, it started simply as a blog - just writing about my thoughts on snus, news here and there, some reviews.... just a few things here and there to help people new to snus. I was new, and thought that as I recorded my thoughts as I went I could help those in a similar situation. As I wrote more articles, the emails begin to come in more and more frequently asking for a full website with the same approach I took on the blog: A simple and helpful way to help those new to snus. A few months later, I registered

In 2011, my friend Nash and I brought forth something we've both talked about for a long time, a new smokeless tobacco community, In 2014, I launched the Snus Podcast - the world's first exclusive English podcast focusing entirely on snus.

Since then, we have continued to grow and become an active part in the snus industry and snus community, thanks to the support and participation of not only snus users, but those in the harm reduction community as well. We continue to do our best to bring you snus news, information, reviews, and tips with not only this website, but also our YouTube Channel, where we continue to live up to our original motto. "No BS: Just Snus".

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