I've been working on this a while and I'm glad to finally have some articles up. When I first started using snus, I heard the term "Harm Reduced Tobacco" thrown around alot, and alot of information about snus here and there, so I wanted to compile all the helpful articles online so that those new to snus or interested in switching can read about the health benefits of switching from cigarettes to snus, and skeptics can read some facts by experts and doctors.


Click the photo above to view our article researching tobacco harm reduction, debunking the cancer myths, and the benefits of quitting smoking with snus instead of other NRT products.

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Studies and Articles

Quitting Smoking With Snus

Snus - the safer option for smokers. And more.
10 July 2007

Tobacco Road Takes a Turn to the Smokeless
27 January 2009

Does Smokeless Tobacco Help Smokers Quit Cigarettes?
28 January 2009

New Study Reveals Quitting Smoking is Good but Switching to Low-risk Nicotine Products is Usually Better
2 November 2009

Quit Smoking Swedish Style
29 October 2003

How The FDA Can Help Smokers Quit
10 November 2014

Can Snus Help You Quit Smoking?
Date Unknown

60 Minutes: Going Smokeless
4 April 2010

The relative risks of a low-nitrosamine smokeless tobacco product compared with smoking cigarettes: estimates of a panel of experts.
December 2004

Role of snus (oral moist snuff) in smoking cessation and smoking reduction in Sweden
27 August 2003

Role of snus in initiation and cessation of tobacco smoking in Sweden
8 February 2006

Harm Reduction

Pluses and Minuses to Snus, Sweden's Cigarette Alternative
10 May 2007

Snus Ruse: Why lie about smokeless tobacco when a misleading half truth will do?
24 December 2004

NCBI: Health risks of smoking compared to Swedish snus.
1 December 2005

Why Anti-Smoking Groups Should Endorse Snus and E-Cigarettes
1 December 2014

Swedish Snus Can Contribute To The Attainment of a "High Level of Health Protection" in Europe
25 November 2013

The Swedish Experience
Date Unknown

The Swedish snuff that's targeting the US
10 January 2014

Swedish snus and public health: a harm reduction experiment in progress?

Assessment of Swedish snus for tobacco harm reduction: an epidemiological modeling study
16 June 2007

Tobacco harm reduction: an alternate cessation strategy for inveterate smokers

Should the European Union lift the band on snus? Evidence from the Swedish experience
27 August 2003

Harm reduction, public health, and human rights: Smokers have a right to be informed of significant harm reduction options
17 October 2001

Tobacco Harm Reduction 2010: A Yearbook of Recent Research and Analysis

Snus & Health

Swedish Snus and Health
13 October 2007

Effect of smokeless tobacco (snus) on smoking and public health in Sweden
2 October 2003

Cigar and pipe smoking, smokeless tobacco use and pancreatic cancer: an analysis from the International Pancreatic Cancer Case-Control Consortium (PanC4)
10 September 2010

Is smokeless safer?
14 June 2004

Use of snus and risk for cardiovascular disease: results from the Swedish Twin Registry.
June 2009

Summary of the epidemiological evidence relating snus to health

No link between smokeless tobacco and pancreatic cancer
26 January 2011

Snus Use: No Heart Attack Risk
5 July 2012

No stroke risk with snus
1 April 2014